Forklift related accidents and incidents is something of the past. Pass the buck to us, we are Your Professional Forklift (Lifting Machines) Operator Rental Company in Gauteng!

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Are you looking to “outsource” your Lifting Machines Operators, in example forklifts (counterbalance), reach truck, Moffet and more, well you have come to the right place. OHSTEC Lifting Machines Operators Rental and Training is a professional and accredited training company with SAQA and the TETA Seta and much more.

We outsource forklift drivers to several South African companies with great success.  What benefit is this for you?

We take over your Human Resources when it comes to your lifting machines drivers.  No more payroll hassles, timesheets, negotiations for wage increase, or any other payroll and human resources hassles, we are there to supply you with World Class Forklift and Lifting Machine Operators, expertly trained and accredited and licensed drivers.


Put our team to the test and contact us today! For further enquiries please do not hesitate to call Riaan De Witt the appointed Operations Manager for Lifting Machines Operator Rentals on 066 530 6346 or Ardene Van Der Riet on 082 5606 310. They will sit down with you and explain the benefits to your company and why it makes sense to rather outsource your lifting machines / equipment drivers.  We also do company / client specific training should this be a requirement by the client, for instance, battery bay operators, which much have an in-depth understanding of forklift batteries, the charging thereof and general care to be taken when transporting or charging these expensive components.  Other than that, we have a forklift / lifting machine operator for any and every application.  Currently we only serve the Gauteng Region as far as forklift driver outsourcing is concerned and plans are on it way to include the metropoles of the Western Cape province as well as KwaZulu Natal.