We are a small, yet driven Family team to deliver World Class training to the Industry in an array of expertise fields, such as, but not limited to: Forklift training, 

Ardene Van Der Riet -Managing Director O
Ardene Van Der Riet
Founder & Managing (PTA)
Cell: 082 560 6310

Ardene Van Der Riet is the Founder and current Managing Director for Ohstec Training and boasts with a managerial skill set level of note. There is noting she is not familiar with when it comes to training South Africa for any skill set.  She has overseen hundreds of training projects and have amassed a good solid moderators team under her, and will be able to supply you the company or individual with the best possible training options.  She has spearheaded some daunting challenges and was the first training company in SA who was entrusted to design and roll-out the Paddy Project on behalf of her client Shamrock Holdings, who in turn rolled out the project for SA Breweries South Africa.  She has numerous other initiatives under her belt and is truly a training force to be reckoned with.

Ilse Van Der Walt
Training Coordinator (KZN)
Cell: 076 604 8156

Ilse Van Der Walt is based in Richards Bay and oversees all training on behalf of Ohstec for the entire KwaZulu Natal Region. She has vast experience in the training industry and boasts with a solid track record and clientele base in Natal Province.

Suné Van Der Walt
Training C
oordinator (PTA)
Cell: 072 142 7001

Suné Van Der Walt is the companies administrative backbone and have been with Ardene from day one, ensuring every aspect of the administration after a training project have been concluded 

Christopher Van Der Walt.jpg
Christopher Van Der Walt
Training Manager (PTA)
Cell: 0828254822

As the Chief Moderator and also Training Manager for the company, Chris Enjoys a wide scope of expertise in the training industry. Starting his career as a young 16 year old, he was trained on some o

Juanita Karpesteyn.jpg
Juanita Karpesteyn
Training Coordinator (CPT)
Cell: 081 528 9396

Juanita have joined the team in 2018 and have since her inception into the Ohstec culture excelled beyond expectation in the Cape Town branch for Ohstec. He has been working in the Industry for many years and understands training like none other. She spearheads the Cape Town branch with zeal and enthusiasm, and no training job for this star employee is to big or to small, contact her today and she will assist with great  vigor in getting your training needs addressed in the shortest possible time-frame.